Ninth Sakharov Conference

Edward Lucas,
United Kingdom

"A thought provoking and inspirational tribute to Sakharov’s moral and political legacy, the conference brings together those inspired by his legacy — drawing on the experience of the past to deal with the difficulties of the future."

Mark Galeotti,
United Kingdom

"The conference was an excellent mix of knowledgeable, good speakers. It offered lots of good ideas and inspirations for concrete work as well as for wider thoughts."

Volodymyr Dubovyk,

"I had a pleasure to participate in Ninth Sakharov conference in Vilnius recently. It was focused on countering hybrid threats and the discussion was excellent. I had a chance also to learn more about the work done by Sakharov centre based at Kaunas university. It has impressed me with a diversity of activists, all of them very timely in our region."

Elizabeth Teague,
United Kingdom

"Thank you for including me in such a wonderful, thought-provoking and enjoyable conference.  It was a huge honor to be invited to attend and I learned a huge amount.  Thank you very much indeed."

Mikko Kinnunen,

"The conference was an excellent mix of knowledgeable, good speakers. It offered lots of good ideas and inspirations for concrete work as well as for wider thoughts."

Amy Knight,
United States

"The speakers were all excellent, and I learned a great deal. The conference was a real tribute to Andrei Sakharov.

Tatyana Yankelevich,
United States

"I feel that events such as this conference help bring things in perspective and allow us to have a better understanding of the historic and intellectual context of Sakharov's legacy. The speakers were very impressive and knowledgeable, and the entire air was thought provoking, while being open-minded. I was also happy to see keen interest on the part of a good number of younger generation in the audience. It is inspirational to see Sakharov still being able to contribute to open discussion and quest for truth, freedom, and peace."

Balazs Denes,

"I usually enjoy a lot making presentations at public events, but the 9th Sakharov Conference was still surprising for me - the unusually high level of thoughts and ideas, the active audience, and the outstanding quality of presentations and speakers together created a very inspiring atmosphere. I truly think Sakharov would have been happy with the environment and the discussions - nomen was omen this time."

Coen van de Ven,
The Netherlands

"Conferences can be very boring orvery insightful – sometimes even thrilling. The Sakharov Conference 2019 was the latter due to a great variety of speakers from different disciplines who all managed to talk and engage around the same topic: what to make of Russia’s geopolitical strategies today? The mixture between insightful and very well prepared speeches and informal gatherings made it a useful trip."

Tommy van Steen,
The Netherlands

"An interesting conference with a high diversity of viewpoints due to the variety in backgrounds of the speakers. Interesting discussions that aimed to tackle the complexity of hybrid war."

Program - May 21

Program - May 22

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