Dr. Franziska Langner is a senior physician in Psychotrauma Center of the Bundeswehr, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy,. Focus of her clinical work includes treatment and assessment of deployment-related mental illnesses in Bundeswehr members. Her current research focus: medical-vocational rehabilitation of chronically psychiatrically ill soldiers in the Bundeswehr, E-health.

Her main emphasis is trauma therapy and her current research focus is medical-service-oriented rehabilitation of chronically psychiatric soldiers, Interdisciplinary Patient-Centered Rehabilitation Teams, and E-Health.

Dr. Langner’s qualifications and additional designations are: 2008 Emergency Medicine; 2015 Specialist examination in psychiatry and psychotherapy; 2020 EMDR Therapist (EMDRIA); 2020 Psycho-oncologist (DKG); 2021 Special Psychotrauma Therapy.