Myroslav Frankovych Marynovych (born 4 January 1949) is a vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, social activist, co-founder of Amnesty International Ukraine, and a founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

From 2000 - 2005 he served as Vice Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University for External Affairs. Since 2007 he is the President of the Institute of Religion and Society, UCU. In 2010 he became the president of the Ukrainian Centre of PEN International and serves till now as honorary president.

Myroslav Marynovych has received a prize from the journal Suchasnist (“Modernity”) for his political science report “Atoning for Communism” (1993), the Valerii Marchenko award from the Ukrainian-American Bureau for Protection of Human Rights for the best human rights publication (1995), the Vladimir Zhabotinsky Medal for the promotion of inter-ethnic understanding from the Ukraine-Israel Society (1999), the Sergio Vieira de Mello Humanitarian Award (2013), and the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom (2014).

Myroslav Marynovych has received many educational awards, including fellowships at Columbia University (USA), the World Council of Churches (Switzerland), and the Catholic University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

He has also been awarded The Order of Liberty (2008) and The First Class of the Order for Courage (2006).