Lt Col Sardar Bahadur is a current Medical Director at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Stanford Hall, where he hasserved since April 2022. Based in Stanford on Soar, England, his role encompasses over seeing the Medical Division at one of the UK's premier rehabilitation facilities.Lt Col Bahadur has different roles as a Consultant Rheumatologist, Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist, General Practitioner and Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist. Since August 2018, he has also been deeply involved with the DMRC Benevolent Fund. Lieutenant Colonel Bahadur's responsibilities go beyond clinical duties as he leads medical training at DMRC as a consultant. He orchestrates an extensive educational program that includes weekly national and international seminars focusingon a broad range of health topics such as musculo skeletal medicine, rehabilitation, sports andexercise, mental health, and military medicine.