Mr. Masi Nayyem is a Ukrainian lawyer of Afghan origin, founder of the Miller law firm and of NGO Pryncyp., serviceman in the Captain rank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, public figure, and human rights defender.

In 2007 he graduated from the International Solomon University in Kyiv, Faculty of Law, and received a specialist diploma in law. In 2007, he graduated from the Department of Military Training of the National University of Defense in Kyiv, and received the rank of reserve officer. On November 2, 2018 — received a lawyer's certificate. He also participates in Ukrainian journalists' anti-censorship movement, "Stop the censorship!" (Ukrainian: Стоп цензурі!, Stop tsenzuri!), and Hromadske.TV. In the parliamentary elections he was elected to the Ukrainian parliament among the Petro Poroshenko Bloc

Recently, Mr. Nayyem has been providing legal assistance to veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war.