Prof. Dr. HGJM (Eric) Vermetten, now retired from his role as a colonel, continues his career in the field of psychiatry, as staff psychiatrist and professor at the Leiden University Medical Center. He also serves as an adjunct Professor in the Psychiatry Department at New York University Medical School.

Vermetten's expertise encompasses both clinical and research dimensions, particularly in the medical, biological, and psychiatric facets of complex psychotrauma processes in military and civilian cohorts. His educational background in psychiatry and neuroscience spans prestigious institutions in the Netherlands and the US, including Stanford, Yale, and Emory University.

With a prolific output of over 300 articles, more than 30 book chapters, and various edited volumes on trauma and PTSD, Vermetten's research focuses on awareness of the impact of trauma in uniformed professionals and is looking at novel treatment opportunities for complex trauma disorders. He is keenly interested in the integration of biological interventions with new technologies and drug developments. He initiated PRISMO, a significant 10-year longitudinal cohort study on military operations, and 3MDR, a novel immersive intervention for PTSD, showcasing his commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of disorders of traumatic stress.

Vermetten's role extends beyond academia and clinical practice; he is a strategic advisor for scientific research in the Military Mental Health Care of Defense, contributing his vast experience to enhance mental health care for military personnel. As an ad hoc reviewer for numerous journals and funding bodies, his expertise is widely recognized and sought after. He is a global lecturer on topics related to PTSD, trauma, resilience, neuroscience, veteran issues, and innovative therapy approaches for PTSD, underlining his position as a leading figure in the field of Psychotraumatology.