"I spent a week working on archival materials at the Andrey Sakharov Center for Democratic Development located at the Vytautas Magnus University of Kaunas. The Sakharov Center hosts an extremely good selection of materials on Human Rights movement in the late Cold War. The collection embraces reports on individual cases of Human Rights violations in countries of the former USSR with a particular focus on political use of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union. Funds include Samizdat bulletins as well as the bulletins and correspondence of the International Association against the Political Use of Psychiatry. The collection of the Sakharov Center is highly recommendable to scholars working in Cold War Studies, Intellectual and International History, but also to researchers from Political and Social Studies tracing development and impact of NGO´s in ever more global world of the late 20th century. My special very warm thanks to a wonderful team of the Sakharov Center which hosted and supported me throughout the week with a well-balanced mixture of freedom of action and warm-hearted helpfulness. Thank you very much for that!"