Ninth Sakharov Conference

Confirmed speakers at the Ninth Sakharov Conference:
Balacs Denes: Blaming with anti-Semitic undertones: the anti-Soros campaign in Central and Eastern Europe
Volodymyr Dubovyk: Five years of Russia - Ukraine conflict: battle of competing narratives
Mark Galeotti: Gangsters, hackers and militias: outsourcing the new political war
Mikko Kinnunen: Finland’s Response to Hybrid Threats 
Amy Knight: Political Crimes Under the Putin Regime
Illimar Lepik von Wirén: The Cold War Never Froze - How Estonia tackles Russian Hybrid and Cyber Threats since 1991
Edward Lucas: is there a Difference between Cold War and Hybrid War?
Robert van der Noordaa & Coen van de Ven: Russian Trolling in The Netherlands; Influencing Public Opinion through Social Media
Kateryna Smaglyi: Russian infiltration of Western universities and think-tanks

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The Andrei Sakharov Research Centre contributes to the development of a pluralist and democratic society in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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